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Como dizer tudo em Português para estrangeiros que falam inglês

For foreigners learning Portuguese in Brazil, some interesting confusions can arise: They will hear pois não, an think it means "no". They will say obrigado in response to an offer, an then never receive anything. They will be given a telephone number, and somehow a "sock" (meia) will be thrown in the sequence. They will be kissed on the cheek once in São Paulo, yet twice in Recife, and the three times in Porte Alegre. They will be offered "hugs" and "kisses" from people they barely know. They will get strange looks when they ask for a recommendation for a good "motel" to stay in with the family. How To Say Anything in Portuguese teaches newcomers to Brazil how to: meet people, talk about themselves, hold conversations, talk on the telephone, order food in restaurants, survive in travel situations, participate in business meetings, give presentations, get by in typically Brazilian situations and hundreds more. With a quick guide to pronunciation and grammar, this is the perfect guide for anyone wanting to communicate effectively and sound natural in Brazilian Portuguese conversation.
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